Lauren Logan and Rohini Gupta win second place in student oral presentations at the Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education (ORBCRE) Symposium

September 29th 2016

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Lauren and Rohini on Youngstown State University’s Campus
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Lauren and Rohini identifying macroinvertebrates in the water quality workshop at ORBCRE

Lauren Logan and Rohini Gupta attended the 2016 Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education (ORBCRE) Symposium in Youngstown, Ohio. Lauren and Rohini gave an oral presentation on their combined research titled “Tradeoffs between thermoelectric power generation and aquatic ecosystem populations: an economic analysis.” The duo won  second place in the student presentation competition, and received much praise for their engaging and interesting work. In addition to learning about issues in global change and ecological perspectives, Lauren and Rohini were trained as citizen scientists in a water quality workshop.


water · energy · policy